Valley Settlement Project

A Project of the Manaus Fund

Initiated with a $1.2 million grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, the Valley Settlement Project is a dual generation program focused on school readiness, elementary school achievement, economic stability and community engagement for local families. Our focus is low-income families who are not successfully settled or attached to the community 
in which they live. Through community organizing and partnerships with local nonprofits, schools and government agencies, Valley Settlement Project works to support and empower these families. 
We believe that we can reduce school achievement gaps 
through this dual generation approach.

Valley Settlement Project’s programs were developed after a nine-month planning period, during which our community organizers visited 300 households in 25 neighborhoods; presented to 14,400 people; met with leaders from dozens of organizations across the 
region including school officials, churches, health and human services agencies, policy-makers, and leaders of our local community college.

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Download Valley Settlement Project’s 2014 Annual Report.

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Valley Settlement Project Changes Lives in Colorado from Sue Drinker on Vimeo.